Plum's ProtectaChin® & Face Guards

  • $ 52.95 - $ 52.95

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For ProtectaCap+Plus® Falls Safety Helmets

Plum's ProtectaChin® & Face Guards easily slide onto the strap of the ProtectaCap+Plus® helmet for customized chin and/or facial protection.

  • Made with the same superior impact-absorbent material as ProtectaCap® helmets.
  • Conform to the chin or sides of face for a comfortable, ergonomic fit.
  • Completely encased in comfortable, breathable, cotton stretch twill to match the ProtectaCap+Plus® helmet and matching chin strap in Deep Sea Blue, Hunter Green and Plum.

Photo shows 2 ProtectaChin® & Face Guards added to ProtectaCap+Plus® strap: one positioned to protect the chin and one protecting the side of the face.

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