Child Head Safety with Plum's ProtectaCap® & ProtectaCap+Plus® Protective Helmets

Children age 4 and younger are at high risk of falling. TBI  [traumatic brain injury] is the primary cause of death and severe injury in children who suffer falls. >> Consumer Products Safety Commission

                            Choose the Style that is best for your Child:  
     Plum's  ProtectaCap®                                Plum's  ProtectaCap+Plus®  
1.  Full head coverage & protection             1.  Dual-Protective safety core
2.  Secure, lightweight custom fit                 2.  Reinforced forehead, temple protection
3.  Fully encased in cotton blend                 3.  Plus Pockets™ & ProtectaChin®

Shop for ProtectaCap® , ProtectaCap+Plus® , Plus Pockets™, & ProtectaChin® by Clicking on Photos below to Choose your Size and Color.  See Chart below for Sizes & Colors. Please feel free to call Plum with any questions:  1.800.321.PLUM.